06.-08. AUGUST 2021 | GALENBECK


We are Jubel Jahre

After a difficult 2020, we are more than excited to celebrate on the first weekend of August, the second edition of the Jubel Jahre festival with you.

We invite you to become part of the Jubel Jahre family.

Be there when we come together to fill the old FDJ camp in the Mecklenburg Lakeland with life. There is going to be music, dance, workshops and a lot of Sekt to make that happen.

You can expect a lot of musical specialities, a vast diversity of workshops, an open-air cinema, a mixed arts stage with a lot of exciting programs, a wellness area, handmade decorations and instalments with a lot of detail, international food by our food court and homemade Jubeljahre pizza. 

Sounds good uh? Yes it does! 

Call your friends and get one of the 500 limited festival tickets to be part of the Jubel Jahre festival family 2021.

We are looking forward to having an amazing start of the summer with you at the Jubel Jahre festival 2021 in Galenbeck Mecklenburg Vorpommern.

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...with the train from Berlin: 

There is a train departing on regular basis from Berlin central station and Gesundbrunnen station which only takes two hours to Ferdninadshof, the closest station near the festival area. To save some money we advise you to travel together with four more people with the Brandenburg ticket which takes you to one-stop before Ferdinandshof.

...with a train connection from North:

Cities like Stralsund, Greifswald and Rostock also have train connections to the festival area. For more info, please check the DB navigator.


...by car:

Are you planning to come by camper or auto? Then keep in mind the following:

In addition to your festival ticket, you should get an additional "Autopass" in the TICKETS section of our website.  This costs 7€, in addition to the ticket's price.  In order to be able to provide to all our guests enough space on the camping area, the number of "Autopass" is limited. As soon as they sell out we won't be able to park any more cark in the parking space of the festival.  Sobald diese vergriffen sind, wird es kein weiteres Kontingent mehr geben.

The exact address for your GPS is:

Zur Kleinbahn 8
17099 Galenbeck

Es gibt die Möglichkeit die Shuttle-Angebote der Dorfbewohner zu nutzen, um zum Gelände und auch wieder zurück zu gelangen.


Are you into riding a little by bike through the beautiful countryside of Galenbeck? Then go for it! It is about 15 km from Ferdinandshof to the festival area. Schnapp dir dein Klapprad und los geht’s! Vom Bahnhof Ferdinandshof sind es etwas über 15 km bis zum Gelände.

The camping area opens on Friday at 12:00 and closes on Sunday around 20:00. It is integrated into the festival area so there are no long walks to get anywhere. The shower area is close to the camping grounds with sinks etc which you can use for free. More sinks and water supplies are easy to find and are also accessible during nighttime. For the real Festival experience, we provide you in the vicinities of the camping area with some DIXI toilets, that we regularly clean and that are illuminated at night. It is also possible to use the flush toilets in the sanitary vehicle, which is positioned not far from the main dancefloor.

Almost the whole festival area is wheelchair accessible and we welcome everybody with a physical or mental disability. Wheelchair accessible toilets and showers are also provided.

For additional info please write us an email or contact us via one of our social media channels and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dogs, cats and other pets are not allowed on the festival area or the camping ground. So please leave them at home.

Don’t forget to sleep! 

Sound systems are not allowed in the camping grounds, so nobody is kept awake during nap time because of noise.

Like the last few years there is a high risk of forest fires, so campfires, fireworks or fire shows a prohibited.

At the Entrance of the festival you will receive a trash bag. We ask you to use that trash bag and leave the camping area clean.

That is not just good Karma but also good for the environment!


If you return a full trash bag on Sunday starting at 10:00 together with your "Pfandmarke" you get 5 Euro.

If you are under the age of 18 you can only participate in the festival accompanied by your legal guardian.

Please show your ID or a valid document at the entrance of the festival.

Any sort of written permission won't be sufficient enough, so please be aware of that when purchasing a ticket.

You plan to come with your children to the Jubeljahre festival? Kids under the age of 14 don't have to purchase a ticket and can enter the festival for free.

For the younger ones we have a designated kids space with a lot of entertainment for kids. 

We have prepared something special and unique for you. What that it stays - for now - a surprise... 

There is going to be a variety of delicious food options at the festival area.

For more info, please check our social media channels. 

You like pizza? We have pizza! 

Fresh out of the stove with a lot of love by our festival crew. And of course, you can bring your own drinks and food to all areas of the festival

Any kind of illegal substances or dealing is strictly prohibited at the Jubeljahre festival. You are going to be expelled from the festival and face legal consequences.

The Jubeljahre is a safe space for self-expression, tolerance and a collective togetherness.

We say NO! to sexism, homophobia and right-oriented ideologies.If you are being harassed or witness any harassment please talk to our security staff or any staff at the festival. We are going to take care of the issue immediately.

You happen to spot some situation that doesn't look right to you? Don't look away, rather get involved and ask for help.

Still got some questions? Ask us!

Be in the know!
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